The Truesdale Health Foundation is supporting Mass in Motion, a program that, among its many activities, is distributing bicycle helmets for children in Fall River.

A program of the City of Fall River, and funded by the Massachusetts Department of Health, one of Mass in Motion’s objectives is to reduce childhood obesity in the City through physical activity such as walking and cycling. In conjunction with other like-minded organizations, the program has distributed hundreds of bike helmets to children at bike rodeos, summer school classes, and other programs and events.

Bicycle Patrol Officer Rick Saraiva is a member of Bike Fall River, one organization that fits children for helmets. He said, “I love seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids and their parents. I tell them that it is their responsibility to wear their helmet every time they ride their bikes -- just like it is my responsibility.”

When Foundation directors learned that helmet distribution was down due to lack of funding, they stepped in and purchased and donated helmets to the program.

Henry R. Vaillancourt MD, MPH, a Truesdale Health board member and specialist in Public Health and Prevention said, "When children have helmets, concerned parents are more likely to let them ride their bikes. We were excited to support a program devoted to increasing safety and encouraging a great form of exercise for Fall River youth.”

With the help of the Foundation, Mass in Motion and other organizations are steadily creating a culture of cycling in Fall River. The effort includes developing bike path infrastructure, running safety events, and equipping young riders with essential safety gear.

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Youngsters are riding more, and more safely, thanks to the Mass in Motion helmet program supported by the Truesdale Health Foundation.